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Registro One is a unique social network that has become available to internet users 03.06.2020.

The main idea of the project is to popularize timely examination of the organism and as a result this program will help to maintain healthy population, timely identification of serious diseases and reduce their spread. The Healthy People Register allows registered users to find a suitable partner for a strong family. For those who monitor their health, it is an opportunity to be aware of the health status of their loved ones, as well as an opportunity to meet new healthy people who are not vectors of serious infectious diseases in order to build a relationship on a transparent basis or to create a strong healthy family. This resource is also an opportunity for HIV-positive people to find a suitable health partner to start a family.

The main feature of our social network is, first of all, the possibility to voluntarily place information about the state of one's health in one's profile by passing the examination in the most common medical centers, as well as the possibility to look through the information about the state of health of other people registered on the site and to place the results of their analyses so that the users, who are already registered, could be sure that they made the right choice by making a decision to connect their lives with other participants.

But not only the opportunity for the first time in history to find out who you are dealing with among the people around you - this is the goal of our project, in addition, the Registry of Healthy People will allow everyone to pass an affordable monthly medical check-up, which will benefit the health of the entire population and help to significantly reduce the spread of dangerous infectious diseases!

We see the future of the project as a time when, for example, an employer will no longer have to send a candidate to take a medical test during employment, all you have to do is go to registro.one and see the profile of the person you're interested in.



Now all you have to do is ask the person when you meet them if they have a page in the Registry, and if your conversation partner is registered, they will be happy to share their page ID or other data with you to find them there, then you just need to go to the site where you will see all the information about the conversation partner that they have agreed to publish. And in the near future everyone who has nothing to hide will be able to wear branded clothes or have a keychain with a QR code - link to their verified page on 'registro.one' in order to quickly share it.

Yes, I would like to emphasize - you will see only what the person has agreed to publish! That is, no one makes you publish the results of your tests, everyone decides for themselves immediately after receiving them in the medical center, but it will be much easier for all of us to orientate ourselves in a lot of familiar people, for example, if you want to create a healthy family without the risk of contracting a dangerous disease, because with the help of such a publicly available resource you can build your circle of communication from proven people with the specified results of tests on the site, not with dashes and the inscription "No data". We offer not only a solution to the problem of ignorance of the majority of people about the state of their own health and people around them, but also at the same time, we lay in the minds of the population tradition of timely detection of diseases with the help of available regular medical examinations.



Registro One - this is a social network with information about human health

Registro One - as a blank sheet, which you can fill with your story

So let's start!


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